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Watercolor commissions! by Poralizer
Watercolor commissions!
I'm helping :iconcaptainimaginary: get the funding to go to Hobbitcon 2015 by taking watercolor commissions where everything goes towards that :heart:

Prices are as follows;

A6: $10 (for just characters) / $12 (w/full BG)

A5: $16 / $25

A4: $45 and up depending

If you’d like a motive the size of an A6 piece on an A4 piece, you’re of course only paying for the A6 size!

Send me an email at consulting_detective (at) if you’re interested. I’m afraid tumblr asks have a high chance of getting eaten which would be a shame!

Full size examples here on tumblr!
Consulting dorks. by Poralizer
Consulting dorks.
The urge to draw these two suddenly came over me. For the first time in half a year! Season 3 really threw me off. Going to re-watch the first two seasons. I missed drawing them.
Posted on tumblr here!
Hello all - terribly sorry about the lack of updates once again. Uni is tough - wonderful, but tough.

I am beginning to have a more ordered daily schedule though, so I've been thinking about starting up on some projects I've been interested in doing art-wise for a while now, and one is do some designs for either Society6 or Redbubble.

Knowing me, I'd just go berserk and do a hundred different designs haha. I am very bad at actually figuring what people tend to want in that regard.
(At least my own taste is a bit besides what is usually seen on the sites, so I can't use that as a guideline.)

So, help me out here, if anyone out there know a bit about what actually sells on sites like these (both product wise and design wise, i.e. simple character illustrations or something more pattern-based, etc), as well as if any of you would like to see anything from me there (will be doing new illustrations for the products there, don't think any of my previous things are very well suited for anything like that), let me know! Any help is greatly appreciated, only thing I've ever done in this vein is keychain designs. Wondering if I should go with some Sherlock stuff too, RN I'm mostly leaning towards The Hobbit things simply because I feel like there's more to do though.

Hope you're all well!


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dikarya Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
i was just wondering; do you go to cons? i mean, as an artist? are you going to any this year?
Poralizer Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I used to attend most Danish conventions as well as a few Swedish ones, but I've only ventured into actually getting a table at one a few times - my work just doesn't really work for physical merchandise I think! I'd absolutely love to do some prints, bookmarks etc but I don't think my art is at a point where it'd sell yet.
I'm not sure about which conventions I'll be attending this year - I'll most likely be going to Genki in DK in the summer and maybe one in England later! Might be getting a table at Genki since I do have some keychains to sell and I could do some small things and bring. Time will show though!
the-true-Freya Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist
gods, your improvement is crazy

keep at it!
Poralizer Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Ohh heyy you used to follow me way back on my other account, did you not? Thanks so much, it really means a lot!!
the-true-Freya Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist
yes yes I did, and that was quite some time ago.
But I was looking through my list and thought I hadn't seen anything of you for a while and decided to look it op and wow I was stumped haha.
Keep up the good work!
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